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The apartments are the ideal starting point for excursions to the most beautiful places in our Region.

About ten kilometers away from Sant’Agata sui due Golfi you will reach Sorrento, a small town perched on the coast that looks straightout to the crystal clear sea and lives immersed in an atmosphere that is rich in traditions and scents, the scents that come directly from the citrus of the area. The view that you can enjoy from Sorrento is unique and memorable, so beautiful that it has been an inspiration to many renown writers and artists. Sorrento is filled with bars and restaurants, numerous workshops that make hand made products and also the high fashion stores and jewelers, in short, a town that is also chic and elegant.

Then,17 km. from the apartments there is Positano, one of the most popular destinations on the coast. Observe this wonderful town that stands on a rock, a town that immediately brings joy with its colorful houses in pastel shades. Then immerse yourself in its streets and in its steps and you’ll discover an atmosphere with so much character and you will know why it has been chosen by many celebrities for their holidays.

Located 33 km from Sant’Agata you will find Amalfi, one of the republics of the sea. Visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew with its impressive staircase and do not forget to also join in the many workshops which will allow you to explore the hand-painted ceramics that are famous in every corner of the world. Needless to say, the beaches of Amalfi are perfect for a few hours of total relaxation and a good swim in its turquoise waters.

Just 25 kilometers away is Pompeii, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Here you can wander the streets of a Roman city that dates back some two thousand years ago, a city that has remained intact thanks to the lapilli and lava from the eruption of the volcano that covered the city preserving its beauty. It is an experience full of charm, unique and we assure you that it will remain in your hearts forever.

Among the many excursions that you can do in the area, we can not forget a trip to Capri. Hop on a boat for an intense emotion to discover all the colors and secrets of the sea. You will discover the magnificent cliffs of Capri and you can immerse yourself in its atmosphere while savoring a delicious cup of coffee or an ice cream in the square, shop in the many boutiques or spend the day at the beach.

About 50 km. away is Naples. Here it is light years away from the tranquility of Sant’Agata. In fact, an active city, that is cheerful, lively, a city in constant motion where chaos is the order of the day. Its’ wonders, however, are very numerous. You may discover archaeological sites of rare beauty, museums with great collections form the past, the Castel dell ‘Ovo, with its characteristic atmosphere and the Angevin. Impossible not to go for a walk on the boardwalk, to discover the true heart of Naples, and maybe enjoy a nice piece of pizza.